Movin’ to the Beat!

  Since school has started I’ve  been working on getting back into the gym on a regular basis. During the summer I had less of a regular schedule so it was hard to plan on when I could go. Now I have no excuses!

One thing that  keeps me motivated to push myself while I’m working out is music.

Music with a strong beat or an uplifting voice really helps with running that extra mile or climbing that fictitious hill while on a stationary bike.

I’ve learned quickly that I have to change up my playlist, so I don’t get too attached to certain songs, and wear out my enthusiasm for listening to them (ex. Blackeyed Peas – I’ve Gotta Feeling).

Here are my top 11 motivational beats:

1) CAKE – the distance

2) EVANESCENCE – bring me to life

3) KATY PERRY – firework

4) SWITCHFOOT – stars

5) ONE REPUBLIC – secrets

6) SMASHMOUTH – i’m a believer

7) QUEEN – we will rock you

8) JASON MRAZ – you and i both

9) SHERYL CROW – if it makes you happy

10) AEROSMITH – jaded/ KEITH URBAN – days go by

11) JET – are you gonna be my girl

I know some of you probably won’t like a few songs on this list but I’d encourage you to find a good set of tunes that can help get your heart a pumpin’ a little faster.


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