An Artist Growing Up

This past weekend my parents made the trip down to Kentucky to see my husband and I (and our two critters). Along with them (per my request) they brought two portfolios full of my old artwork. The portfolios contained crayon drawings from when I was 4 years old to watercolor paintings when I was 16+ years old. I thought I would share with you some of my favorites!

Cow and Mouse on Yellow Legal Pad Paper

Me and Dr. Nickles

Giraffes in Colored Pencil

Ring-tailed lemur, Digital image made in Microsoft Paint

Landscape, Oil Pastel on Paper

Blue Flowers Watercolor

Lizard, Watercolor on Paper

Horse and Rider, Graphite on Paper

Horse, Gauche on Paper


One thought on “An Artist Growing Up

  1. How great to see the progression of a young artist. what a gift you have. I especially like the giraffes. I’m assuming Ms. T had a part in the later work.

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