Stamp Collecting

My first stamps I collected, Carousel horses, the Postal Service issued 1995

I have always paid particular interest to the  images on postage stamps. Oftentimes  I chose the stamp that seemed to “fit” the message of the letter/card the best or just seemed “fun.” After going through many of the cards & envelopes I have saved for many years I noticed that I had over 11 different stamps with varying postage and imagery. It was equally as fun seeing the various post-mark dates and locations (I think Honolulu, HI post-marked July 15 2011 is my most exotic).

I also found my  carousel horse stamps that my father gave to me close to 16 years ago. I am so amazed they have lasted this long!

So I have decided  I would start collecting.  I think I will continue to


save the letters I receive from family and friends and maybe invest in a few blocks of  stamps that I really enjoy there illustrations. I also hope to do more research on stamp collecting. Stamps are truly a time capsule, representing changes in our country and people  (rates of first-class postage continuing to increase).

Below is a link and short  video to discuss more about stamp collecting.



6 thoughts on “Stamp Collecting

  1. Did you know the process of putting an image on the stamp is top secret because stamps are considered currency? If a meeting occurs, even the meeting notes regarding the stamp must be destroyed before leaving. Also, the “official” meeting notes are not for public view. It’s actually very interesting – I would recommend looking it up!

  2. Jess – great little video full of information.
    P.S. – Nana has been collecting stamps since she was a young girl 🙂

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