What’s outside your window?

When I left last Wednesday morning for Wisconsin, I had a perfectly functioning bird feeder…

When I returned home my bird feeder was missing a perch and its bottom stopper. I suspected squirrels were the culprit. Since I have been feeding black oil sunflower seeds to the birds I’ve had to chase more squirrels from my feeder. So I decided to invest in a squirrel-proof- feeder (as you can see from the above series of photos it is far from). I guess in the future  I will be sure  to only get safflower seeds to feed the cardinals, chickadees and other birds. In the meantime I will be entertained by the squirrels antics.


2 thoughts on “What’s outside your window?

  1. Jess – what a ‘great’ series of pictures. Maybe it really is squirrel-proof but to him it is a jungle gym! Getting his exercise. (I’m assuming it’s a HIM:)) Unless you enjoy the show – maybe try a top and/or bottom baffles.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion I’ll definitely have to get a few baffles! I have also realized that squirrels do not discriminate against any of the seeds I put up, they even eat the suet 😦

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