Resolved mystery

I finally put a name to a very thorny tree. A few months ago my husband and I took a hike at a National Recreational Area (Land Between the Lakes in Western Kentucky) and I came across this said tree, needless to say I took its picture and stowed its image away in my memory bank. Well today during class I came across another very thorny tree like the one I saw back in the Spring (see image below if you don’t believe how thorny it is).

Today my professor shared its name the Honey locust, Gleditsia triacanthos. It is from the pea family so it produces a pea shaped fruit called a legume. Its legume actually twists right before it opens up to release its seeds.

Its leaves are as unique as the rest of it being bi-pinnately compounded on older leaves while newer leaves are once compounded. Here are a few images of this delightful, yet very thorny tree.


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