Photo of the week early edition 5/28

This past week I have been quite busy working but today my husband and I spent sometime outdoors, appreciating the sights, smells and peacefulness of the leisure filled day. I also took this opportunity to take a few shots.  I was happy to discover the roof of our carport had a very engaging appearance.  Here’s my best shot.

Seeds on grey and white


Is this a plant?

After taking a botany class at Murray State I’ve started to realize how little I know about plants. Here’s a short poll to see if you can spot the difference between a plant from a non-plant. (I will post the answer next Sunday).

Photo of the week 5/22

This week I had more time to really get some nice photos. The magnolia trees are blooming and there were more days of sunshine than gloomy, rainy weather. Spring classes are over and all I’m concentrating on right now is  work. Here’s my best shot. Enjoy!

Magnificent Magnolila

What’s outside your window?

baby Brown Thrasher

Periodically, I find something unusual or endearing outside my window, that’s why I thought I would incorporate this new type of post.  Today  I saw an adult brown thrasher feeding their young chick ontop of my air-conditioner unit (right outside my kitchen window). The adult bird was collecting suet from my feeder and giving it to its chick. Sadly, when I got an opportunity to take the picture the adult bird had already flown away, but the chick was still sitting there.

Photo of the week 5/8

This week we got a lot more sunshine to dry up the rain we received the week before. So I had the opportunity to shoot more of the flowers in our backyard. I enjoy photographing these non-motile organisms, they are quite easy to shoot. Here’s a flower for all the mothers out there -Happy Mother’s Day!

Bleeding Heart

Capturing Motherhood

As a tribute to all the mothers out there I wanted to post an image of one of the pastel works by Mary Cassatt, who is well-known for her mother & child pieces. Cassatt lived from May 22, 1844 – June 14, 1926, she lived most of her life in France and exhibited among the impressionists.

“Mary Cassatt: Mother Feeding Child (22.16.22)”. In Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History. New York: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000–. (October 2006)

To learn more about Mary Cassatt visit:

The Mary Cassatt Foundation

The National Gallery of Art Collection

Photo of the week 5/1

It has rained and stormed all week! Luckily there was at least one full day of sunshine to get the grass mowed. Never-the-less the storm clouds have been interesting to watch. Here’s a shot I took after the rain. Enjoy!

Storm Clouds and Trees

Birds in My Backyard

With the change in seasons I have noticed a change in birds. I no longer have slate-colored juncos feasting on fallen seeds beneath my feeder. Instead I have Goldfinch, Grosbeak and the occasional Indigo Bunting along with the regulars that pretty much stay here all year (cardinals, chickadees, and house finch). I decided I would share with you some of my favorite birds I have spotted while looking out the window into my backyard. I also have provided a link to a backyard checklist of birds that I commonly see year round. Enjoy!

Click here to link to the backyard bird checklist.