Season of Life

While slicing the bread for my sandwich for lunch this afternoon, I intermittently took a gander out the window to see something I hadn’t seen before. A beautiful black, white and red colored, large beaked bird also partaking in an afternoon snack on the seeds in my feeder. I quickly made a sketch of my new feathered friend and headed to my bookshelf to pull out my favorite guide to birds. I peered through the pages and at last I found the name to this beautiful creature, Rose-breasted Grosbeak.

Rose Breasted Grosbeak courtsey of

I was surprise to find this bird usually inhabit the states of Iowa, Illinois and Kentucky. These are regions where I have lived or currently live. So why haven’t I seen these beautiful colorations before? Taking a second glance at my guide I realized these colorful

feathers are only seen a few months out of the year during breeding season (on the male Grosbeak). Otherwise, they resemble sparrows with the exceptions of size and beak.

The past few weeks I have been focusing on the changes in the flowering plants (which are a bit easier to track than birds) from bud to flower to leaf and hopefully late summer early fall, fruit! This is definitely the Season of life where dormant plants begin to grow and plan to produce seeds of a new generation. Some animals change color to attrack mates, build nests or court a desired mate. All for a new generation of life.

For more information on the Grospeak visit:


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