Favorite Children’s Book Illustrators

In many ways I feel I owe the illustrators, of my favorite children’s books, a huge thank you for getting me interested in reading. The explosive color, the appealing characters or alluring environment composed in one single page often provoked me with the question, “What’s happening?” The response I usually received from any  nurturing/mentoring adult around was, “Let’s read and find out!”

Many of my favorite illustrators had similar illustration styles. They were all very detailed, used  saturated colors for the main characters and used an overall realistic color scheme for characters and environment. Each of their illustrations were thoughtfully composed and each unquestionably told the story.

Here are a few examples of the work of my favorite children’s book illustrators:

Jan Brett: Town Mouse Country Mouse

Jan Brett’s illustrations are always detailed, and characters are rendered very realistically. A unique feature about her book  illustrations, are they often contain one main illustration that fills the page, and then a border that also illustrates another part of the story.

Steven Kellogg: Best Friends

Steven Kellogg, like Jan Brett produces very colorful, detailed illustrations. Some of Kellogg’s illustrations almost seem moving where characters are actively working/interacting in their environment.

Kevin Henkes: Jessica

Kevin Henkes is a little different from the other two illustrators in the fact that his illustrations generally are not as visually complex. They are still detailed, and colorful but Henkes seems to use more open space on the page.



One thought on “Favorite Children’s Book Illustrators

  1. The work of the illustrators wove (is that the right word?) their magic on me too. Jan Brett’s books were some of my favorites to read to your husband and his siblings. All I had to do was add some voices and we were easily off into our own wonderful world of fantasy. Warm memories, brought on by the beautiful hand of the illustrator!

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