Morning Glory

I’ve really enjoyed these past couple of weeks of March Madness, but not for the reason you are thinking. My husband is a huge fan of college basketball, and I would say that I am a fair-weather fan. I normally don’t get interested until the final four. So on the nights when my husband is preoccupied with watching college basketball I find myself renting movies from Redbox. I usually rent the movies that I would like to see but couldn’t get my husband to watch with me. This past Friday I was able to finagle my husband into watching the movie Morning Glory.

The movie stars Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton & Rachel McAdams. The plot revolves around the life of Becky Fuller

(Rachael McAdams) who is an executive producer of a morning television show, and her struggle to keep the show alive. The two anchors (Diane Keaton & Harrison Ford) are constantly struggling to get along.

The banter between Ford’s character and Keaton’s character is hilarious. There is a fair amount of profanity so I do not recommend this movie for children. This movie is considered a comedy/drama/romance by, and is faster paced. McAdams character is very animated which makes for a lot of situational humor. I found myself constantly laughing, and never stopped to look at the time while watching this 107 minute film. I also really loved the soundtrack, very fun and upbeat.

I would give this film 8.5 out of 10, I really thought highly of the overall message but wish there was less profanity. Below is a trailer, for those that are interested in hearing/seeing more about the film.



Photo of the week 3/27

It’s been a cold, overcast week here in Kentucky. This week I didn’t venture to far from home. This week’s photo is of a branch on my pear tree in my backyard, it  already has beautiful white flowers on it. Enjoy!

Blooming pear tree

Photo of the week 3/20

This week my husband and I took a trip up to Land between the Lakes, a recreational area managed by the U.S. Forrest Service in Western Kentucky. We decided to hike the 2 mile trail around Hematite Lake. It was a beautiful trail, on one side there was the lake and on the other a deciduous forest. Some of the flowering trees were in bloom and many of the mosses were a brilliant green. I’m glad I didn’t leave home with out  my camera. Here’s my best shot!

Bridge at Hematite Lake Trail


Financial Peace

Ever since my 6 month grace period ended on my student loans my husband and I have been a little more concerned with where our money goes. So after Christmas we visited with a family friend who is a financial advisor and he suggested we try and enroll in a Dave Ramsey class near where we live. I was a little reluctant, but we really needed to learn more about how to get out of debt, budgeting and just more information about making sound financial decisions.

The nearest class was in Benton, KY about 30 minutes away from where we live. The structure of the class was to watch a 45-90 minute video and then have a 20 minute discussion over topics explored in the video. The class cost around $100, which includes a CD recording of each week’s lesson, Dave Ramsey’s Book, Financial Peace Revisited, and a workbook to follow along with the recordings.

Dave Ramsey, the star of Financial Peace course, radio-host and financial guru, is a very faith-filled man and so he often quotes scripture. One passage he often brings up is Proverbs 22:7, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.” Not only is much of his financial advising supported by scripture he also has researched the financial facets to support his advice.

We started going to the class for the first 3 or 4 weeks then realized we probably could get more out of the materials (and save time and money on the commute) if we discussed it as a couple on our own. So every Sunday or Saturday night since January my husband and I have listened to the CDs and reflected upon how we can start planning for our future.

We started our financial transformation by saving our receipts for a month to see how much we were spending on groceries, utilities, rent and various other things. There we were able to get an idea what we spend and areas we could perhaps reduce spending. Our next hurdle we plan on tackling is our emergency fund saving for 3-6 months worth of income just incase something unexpected happens.

I think we are about half way through our financial peace course. I will try and share with you some helpful advice along the way. If you are interested in enrolling in any of the Dave Ramsey courses check out

Favorite Children’s Book Illustrators

In many ways I feel I owe the illustrators, of my favorite children’s books, a huge thank you for getting me interested in reading. The explosive color, the appealing characters or alluring environment composed in one single page often provoked me with the question, “What’s happening?” The response I usually received from any  nurturing/mentoring adult around was, “Let’s read and find out!”

Many of my favorite illustrators had similar illustration styles. They were all very detailed, used  saturated colors for the main characters and used an overall realistic color scheme for characters and environment. Each of their illustrations were thoughtfully composed and each unquestionably told the story.

Here are a few examples of the work of my favorite children’s book illustrators:

Jan Brett: Town Mouse Country Mouse

Jan Brett’s illustrations are always detailed, and characters are rendered very realistically. A unique feature about her book  illustrations, are they often contain one main illustration that fills the page, and then a border that also illustrates another part of the story.

Steven Kellogg: Best Friends

Steven Kellogg, like Jan Brett produces very colorful, detailed illustrations. Some of Kellogg’s illustrations almost seem moving where characters are actively working/interacting in their environment.

Kevin Henkes: Jessica

Kevin Henkes is a little different from the other two illustrators in the fact that his illustrations generally are not as visually complex. They are still detailed, and colorful but Henkes seems to use more open space on the page.