Late edition photo of the week 11/29

Sorry readers about this late post, we hosted Thanksgiving this year. On  Sunday my husband and I took it easy after everyone left and put up Christmas decorations.  I simply forgot to post any pictures from the previous week. So here is a shot of one of my favorite ornaments on our Christmas tree.  Enjoy!

Pheasant in tree


Santa Claws flyer

Yesterday I finished up a Santa Claws photo flyer for the Humane Society. This time I had a few more things to include besides their desired text (pictures of Santa with pets).  Initially I got into a bad rut with designing,  so it took me longer than usual. In the end I ended up scrapping my original design and moved on to the design I have pictured below.  I used Illustrator to make the snowflakes and Indesign to layout the rest of the flyer.  Another great portfolio building experience!

Humane Society 2011 Calendar

A recent project I worked on for the Humane Society was their 2011 pet calendar. I designed the cover, back, and inside cover spread using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.  Overall, it was a fun experience seeing all the entries, and delegating them to a certain month. I also learned quite a bit from working with a printer.  Contact the Calloway County Humane Society if you’re interested in purchasing a calendar. Below are images of the front-cover and back-cover of the calendar.




Photo of the week 11/14

So this week, I snapped photos of our dog Otis, had my husband take pictures of me knitting, and  found inspiration in the kitchen while my husband made Sunday dinner. The image below is of the lovely crayfish my husband picked up for tonight’s dinner, seafood gumbo. Enjoy!

The Sunday Special

Photo of the week 11/7

This week I stayed close to home, trying to stay warm despite the cool weather. Luckily, over the weekend we had warmer temperatures and I was able to comfortably shoot outdoors. The photo below was taken in my backyard mid-afternoon.