Pumpkin carving 2010

So this year I decided to carve Thumper the rabbit from Bambi into my pumpkin… Everything was going well,  opening up the pumpkin,  gutting the pumpkin, drawing the design on to the pumpkin until it came to carving the pumpkin…  I started taking out parts of the ear, then a little bit of the face and before I knew it I had taken too much pumpkin! After several attempts to save my design, and breaking a few of the small serrated carving knives I decided to turned it into a silhouette of  Thumper. I think it sort of works, definitely not my best carving job.  My husband had greater success with his Green Bay Packer “G” design. Next year I plan on following my husband’s example and simplify.  Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

pumpkin and design


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