Jason Mraz in Concert

Jason Mraz Live at Murray, KY

It’s been an exciting week at our house starting with this past Sunday when my husband and I attended the Jason Mraz concert on Murray State campus. This was my first time seeing Jason in concert. Jason’s style is hard to categorize some group his music with pop, reggae, jazz and rock to name a few.

The concert began with an opening band from Seattle, Washington. Their music had a lively sense but was rather hard to understand their lyrics. One song that I particularly liked was about being four feet tall. After about 30 minutes the stage was cleared and set up for Jason.

The crowded cheered when Jason took the stage. He played several new songs that hadn’t been released yet, including my favorite “Fixer.” About half way through he left the stage for a “bathroom break” while his band continued to play. Soon he returned and played a few favorites including “the Remedy” with a reggae twist. As the evening came to a close Jason welcomed the opening band to the stage for the final song. It was a song about freedom written during the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. After Jason left the stage for what seemed like the last time the crowd continued to cheer and stomp on the bleachers. After five to ten minute Jason took the stage again with his band and sang his popular hit “I’m Yours.” The concert ended with Jason singing a Beatles’ cover “All You Need is Love.” Overall, a fantastic concert!


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