New Puppy

Yesterday, my husband and I welcomed a new (pet) member to our family.  His name is Otis and he was a rescue from the Calloway County Humane Society he is around 5 months old and is sweet as can be.  He loves chasing squirrels, eating bugs and playing outside. I’m sure there will be more tales to come of this little canine.


Photo of the week 9/26

Ivy covered window

This week I took photos on Murray State University campus. I enjoyed shooting the many Magnolia trees and the architecture of Progue library. Above  is my best shot.

Photo of the week


This week I took photos indoors, with my pet bunny. I’ve been working on taking pictures of live animals since this is one of the skills I’m utilizing while volunteering at the local Humane Society.  At times this is frustrating getting the animal to look at the camera or hold its pose, but oftentimes all you need is a good squeaky toy or some food encouragement.

On another note I’ve been having some trouble with my camera focusing indoors, maybe it’s a light problem? So that is why this picture is a bit blurry, also some areas of the image are blown out because of a windows. I’ll be researching these problems in the week to come and hopefully I’ll have a better image for you next week.

Photo of the week

This week I’ll be starting a new weekly post called photo of the week. Every Sunday I will go through the pictures I’ve taken throughout the week and post my favorite. To start this is a picture I took today of our ordinary garden hose.


New home in Kentucky

Sorry my readers for not having a post for the month of August.  Recently, my husband and I moved to Kentucky and ever since  we have been settling in to our new home. Luckily it has been an easy transition for the both of us and for the most part our dear pet bunny. The reason for the move is that my husband finished his degree and took on a full time teaching position at Murray State University. Prepare to hear more adventures of life in Kentucky!