Toys Back on the Big Screen

It’s been 11 years since our favorite space ranger and cowboy where on the silver screen. Now they’re back and face a new chapter in their life as Andy goes off to college. When Buzz Lightyear and friends find themselves along the curb, they opt to get donated to what seems like the perfect place, Sunnyside daycare….

The rest of the tale you’ll have to see for yourself. It’s a comedic 103 minute film that’s definitely fun for all ages. The dialog exchanges between Barbie and Ken where a highlight for me along with Buzz’s Spanish mode and of course the Potato Heads.

Be sure to head to theatres soon, or catch it when it comes out on video!


My New Hobby

Knitted nesting boxes

Ever since my mother-in-law showed me her knitted birdhouses I have been intrigued by knitting. I find it quite fascinating how two needles and some yarn can create a plethora of hand-made goods from checkerboards to handbags and everything in between.

It was Christmas when I was given my first set of needles and a ball of beautifully variegated blue yarn. My first project was a scarf using one simple stitch, the garter stitch, repeated at least 32 times before a new row began. It was knit to length, or in my case when I ran out of yarn.

My next project was a dishcloth for my Mom for mother’s day. This project incorporated a new stitch, the purl, in combination with the garter stitch. This time I used a ball of cotton yarn, and a slippery pair of metal size seven needles. It was quite fun to see the pattern emerge as I got farther and farther.

My latest finished project has been nesting boxes for my sister’s new baby. They have been by far the most fun and challenging. The sides and bottom of the boxes are knitted and supported by a plastic mesh then lined with fabric.

If you are a newbie like me, and are interested in learning to knit, I would suggest hooking up with a good knitting store (maybe take some classes) or learn from a friend or family member. Youtube also has some helpful videos in learning new stitches/casting on/ casting off.

Here are a few books and websites that I have found quite helpful:

The Knitter’s Companion by Viki Square

Maran Illustrated Knitting & Crocheting

No-Pattern Knits by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer

Ravelry – a great place to find patterns

KnitPicks – for finding knitting supplies