Project lettuce

After an inspirational trip to the grocery store, my husband and I decided to plant lettuce in one of our large terra cotta pots. (Living in an apartment, rather than a house with a garden, makes growing vegetables a challenge.) For a long time the pot has been vacant since our peace lily died several months ago. The problem has been getting adequate sunlight and the only room in which this can happen happens to be the area in which our pet bunny plays. Anything green doesn’t really stand a chance with our furry friend, regardless of toxicity. So at the grocery store when I stumbled upon lettuce and mustard green plants I was quite excited. At last we found plants that would not harm our dear lop-ears.

Instead of buying the plants my husband suggested growing the lettuce from seed. We made a quick trip to Home Depot and picked out a few packages of Burpee lettuce seeds and a bag of garden soil. So now our experiment begins! Will the conditions be right to grow our own crop of lettuce? Find out in the posts to come.


3 thoughts on “Project lettuce

  1. Project lettuce was a failure. Our bunny began hopping into the pot, the lettuce really didn’t have a chance.

  2. Hello,

    I stumble across your blog quite by accident (as you do). Just thought I should let you know that lettuce is really no good for bunnies contrary to popular opinion. It causes bloating and diarrhoea. I can highly recommend coriander (cilantro), basil, parsley, lucerne. All of these are very easy to grow, fine for indoors and are excellent for rabbits. Here is a funny piece of information – our rabbit, chickie-boombah, has a taste for our peace lillies. I have done a fair bit of research and think I can safely suggest that it’s the flower that is toxic. All that aside, I generally don’t like Boombah eating them anyway.

    Well, I hope that helps. Good luck.

  3. Thanks Jo for your comment. I actually feed my rabbit Romaine lettuce amongst other leafy greens and she doesn’t seem to have any issues with bloating and diarrhea. She does like cilantro, basil and parsley as you recommended. You are correct in your findings that peace lilies are toxic.

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