One year anniversary

Hooray, we’re one year old! This has been a fun year of existence. Thanks for sticking with us.  At times it was a challenge to come up with new, interesting topics but alas we have and we’re 48 posts strong. Let’s hope for more in the upcoming year.

In celebration of the new year I’m conducting a survey to see what topics you would like to see more often. In the survey below I have chosen a variety of subjects that I hope will intrigue you. I have also listed the ambiguous “other” so feel free to choose that option as well. If you do choose “other” please leave a comment describing what you’d like to see. Thanks and keep on reading!


Card makers

In light of the upcoming holiday I wanted to share with you some of my favorite card makers. Each of these card makers whether an individual, small business or large company uniquely creates imagery which captures human emotion and sentiment. Their color palettes reflect the message for each card, and their styles range from the simple to the complex.

Homemade cards from Family

This type of card outranks anything that you can buy! They are the most unique and creative. The individual that stands out in my mind that makes cards in my family is Lea, my mother-in-law. She has a unique, artistic style. Lea’s way is to use a variety of stamps, papers and embellishments to create a cohesive theme and message. Each one is exceptional.

Homemade cards from Martha

Generally I don’t promote Martha Stewart but there are some things that she does well. Cards are one of them. This past month I had been searching for homemade Valentines day cards and Martha didn’t disappoint. Some ideas where better than others, but there was a good range of difficulty and skill. There was something that everyone could conceivable like, make or be inspired from. Here are some of my finds:

Quilled Valentines Cards

Rosy Stationery


This is one of my absolute favorite store-bought card companies. I always seem to find a card that is interesting or suites my needs. Oftentimes, they use embellishments, fabric or other materials to enhance the message or sensation of the card. The one downside is that some cards range to $6.95 per card (so buyer be aware).


Although pricy and small in selection this small business carries the most imaginative cards you can find. Their unique, illustrative style and interactivity sets these cards a part. Their unlike most cards you have seen.

Photoshop brought to life

Today I was going through my inbox and came across a link to this picture in an email from a friend. It’s an image of the interface of Photoshop rendered in real world objects. I thought it was fun to see a digital environment come to life. I love the tools panel especially the paint bucket! From what I can tell it isn’t photoshopped.

A larger version of the image can be found here.