The finished jellies

At last, dear readers, here is my finished animation on the life cycle of a jellyfish. This has been a fun and challenging 4 month process of storyboarding, animating, texturing and lighting. I think my biggest challenge was creating an underwater scene for my characters to exist.

The final animation took 4 days to render. Rendering is the process by which an animation program (3ds max in my case) creates sequential images. In rendering the program calculates  the lighting , textures and character placement for each frame. These images are compiled and create an animation.

Please sit back and enjoy!


3 thoughts on “The finished jellies

  1. Jess, this turned out soooooooo coooooooool! I love the textures you’ve got going on the various mature and immature jellyfish, and the underwater-ness of it all really turned out nice!

  2. Way to go, Jess! That is very impressive, and if I understood better the process of animation, I’m sure I’d be yet more impressed. Wherever did you find such a quality narrator? 🙂

    • Nathan thanks for the compliment. I really enjoyed the whole animation process, and was overjoyed when it turned out as well as it did. By the way while I was perusing the Pixar
      website they had a short bit on their animation process.

      Here’s the link:

      I think this may help you understand a bit more of how everything works.

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