Harry Potter the Exhibition


If you are a fan of the Harry Potter films this is a must-see exhibit. Hosted by the museum of Science and Industry (Chicago), this exhibit is comprised of many props, costumes, and magical creatures depicted in the films.

The various displays feature a multitude of costumes such as Ron’s unforgettable dress robes (from the 4th film), Harry’s red cable-knit sweater (from the 1st film) and even one of Professor Umbridge’s pink outfits (from the 5th film).

Some of the props featured in the exhibit include a Nimbus 2000 broom, the large Jack-in-the box (from the 3rd film), and the steam engine of the Hogwart’s Express.

Along with the props and costumes you see many magical creatures Dolby the house-elf, Fawkes the phoenix and a Cornish pixie (from the 2nd film) amongst many others.

The exhibit has a timed entry, which seems to help reduce the amount of crowding around certain areas.  Overall the exhibit is geared toward a younger audience but, like the movies, adults will enjoy as well.

For more information visit: The Museum of Science and Industy – Harry Potter