Chicago Botanic Gardens

Do you find varieties of blooming flowers irresistible? Is horticulture your middle name? If so, I would suggest you sometime visit a local garden or if you’re in the area visit the Chicago Botanic Gardens located in Glencoe, Illinois.

There you will find 23 formal display gardens and 3 native habitats that are situated on 385 acres of land. You can explore the gardens either by walking of by taking the tram. With either option you are guaranteed to take in the beautifully well-designed and landscaped gardens.

Some of my favorite (of the 23 gardens) to enjoy are:

English Walled Garden


Here you find fountains, roses and a pond of water lilies

Waterfall Garden


In this garden trees and rocks composite the base of this cool shade garden. While the sounds of the mini waterfalls add to its atmosphere.

The fruit & vegetable garden


In this unique garden you may discover the beauty in a head of growing cabbage or see new ways to grow apple trees.

Here are a few more images to take in from a recent visit to the gardens:





One thought on “Chicago Botanic Gardens

  1. This place looks very cool. Great pictures! We have a botanic gardens in Denver, too, but we haven’t visited yet. Perhaps this post will be the inspiration to make it happen.

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