Cleaning your pearly whites

oralbtriumphIn the age of HDTVs, i-pods and Kindle is the electric toothbrush. Yet, did you know one toothbrush out there would display a smiley face for you if you brush your teeth for 2 minutes? This toothbrush is Oral-B Triumph 9900. This toothbrush though costly is a favorite of mine.

First the toothbrush has a built in sensor so that you are warned when you brush too hard. There are also a couple of different modes to choose from for brushing. What makes this toothbrush unique is the Smart Guide; a devise separate from the toothbrush. This guide walks you through the 2 minutes of brushing your teeth with a counter and clock. It also divides the mouth into four quadrants so you are aware every 30 seconds (by a small

pulse by your toothbrush) to continue onward in a new region.

Brushing is comfortable with this toothbrush and can almost seem fun. You just have to remember to put the toothbrush in your mouth before turning it on (otherwise you may loose your toothpaste). So if you are looking for something new for those pearly whites, I would point you to try Oral-B Triumph 9900. It will challenge you to brush for the recommended 2 minutes, but will give you a smiley reward for brushing!


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