The Nintendo Wii

secondary-3I have caught the Wii bug. As a birthday gift I received a Nintendo Wii and a few games for said Wii. Hands down the greatest thing about this console is the way you are able to interact with it. It’s more than just button mashing as you find with other console’s controllers. For this gaming system it’s about aiming and positioning combined with some button pressing.

Yet, I shouldn’t just talk about the console; I should also talk about the games. The top two (from the five that I have) that I would recommend is Wii Sports and Boom Blox.

511vBBiKpGL._SL500_AA280_Wii Sports has a collaborative mode where you can bowl, play tennis, baseball, golf or even box with one or multiple friends. Out of the five sports I enjoying tennis and bowling the best as they have the most realistic motions for the sport they are trying to portray. 5120wA4BGBL._SL500_AA280_

Boom Blox, is a close second. The object of the game is to shoot, pull, and destroy boxes. The developers have creatively made this simple premise into a fun filled game, where the more you play the more game options you unlock. One of my favorites is a Jenga-like set of boxes where you have to pull out a set number of boxes before the structure may fall. This game also has collaborative/combative modes.

So if you’re looking to take a stab at some expensive but fun entertainment check out the Nintendo Wii and a few of the above game options.


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