Cool treats that won’t leave you feeling guilty

Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself…I know there are  a few more cold days left before the summer heat rolls in but I wanted to catch you before you made “the cool treat trip” to the grocery store.

I’m a big fan of summer, especially of all the summer desserts, but I don’t like how the excess calories oftentimes takes up residency on the most conspicuous places on my body. So to prevent this awful phenomenon from happening to you too I thought I would offer some suggestions for treats that have sufficed my sweet tooth and not left me regretting my dessert decisions.

EdyspopsiclesEdy’s Fruit Bars, Variety Pack No Sugar Added (Strawberry, Tangerine & Raspberry), Calories per bar 30.  Visit Edy’s website for more tasty treat options!


Klondike Slim a Bear, Vanilla & Chocolate Sandwich, 100 Calories .  Visit their website for  more options on Klondike treats!


Dove miniatures dark chocolate variety pack (French Vanilla and Double Chocolate Ice cream), Calories per bar 60. See Dove’s website for other chocolate icecream treats!


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