The birds are back in town!

Robin illustration from Sibley guide

Robin illustration from Sibley's guide

Some of you may be thinking the birds never really left where we live (if you live in a location close to the equator). However, living in the Midwest (United States) during late April and early May everything seems to be reborn after the long winter months and my beloved songbirds return from their winter homes.

This is the time where I open up my favorite birding reference, The Sibley Guide to Birds, and begin identifying my feathered friends.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to birds of North America look no further; Sibley’s guide is the best that I have found.

What makes this reference superior to other birding guides are its illustrations. Many birding guides prefer to use photographs, which I find more difficult to use, in identifying a particular bird. Sibley’s guide includes illustrations of not only a profile of a specific bird but also a reference of the bird in flight. Oftentimes it is difficult to see a bird at standstill, so Sibley’s multiple views are helpful. Also many birds have different color morphologies throughout the year, or have varied color among males and females of a particular species.

Whether you are an expert or novice this guide will aid you in your quest to put a name to the feathered beasts of your air and seas.

So get out and enjoy the spring weather and the birds that are back in town!


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