A Beautiful Mind

If you’re looking for a review of the movie starring Russel Crowe, look elsewhere. I’m dedicating this entry to the control center of our bodies – the brain!

The brain is an exceptional organ. Its appearance could be compared to a raisin or cauliflower due to its protruding gyri and indented sulci. Paired with its distinctive exterior are its remarkable functions – regulator of voluntary and involuntary movements and controller of emotion (just to name a few).

The part of the brain I’ve taken particular interest in lately is the limbic system, which controls our emotions. This system, located in the central part of the brain, consists of a set of structures (hypothalamus, the hippocampus, the amygdale, and few other surrounding structures), which have an overall impact on emotion and memory formation.

Many mood disorders, such as bipolar disorder, are attributed to malfunctions of structures associated with or a part of the limbic system. These disturbances in brain function are generally associated with hereditary and environmental factors.

I hope you now have a deep respect for the brain and its many functions.Please keep safe your beautiful minds; they are what make you who you are!


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