Know Thy Self: Anatomy

After taking two different types of human anatomy courses, (one in undergrad and another in graduate school) I have learned the human body is a beautifully, complex and fascinating system. I have also realized there are two main approaches for studying the body; systemically and regionally. There are probably rationales for each, but in studying the body regionally you come to appreciate the closeness of the surrounding tissues relative to one another. I have also learned that the body has been well-labeled by anatomists, which is great for specifically locating and describing where something can be found. However, when trying to study anatomy you quickly become overwhelmed! How many muscles does the human body have? 656-850 (depending upon the source). What?!

This is where having great resources to study from is key. Some of you might have heard of Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy or Clemente’s or even Rohen’s photographic atlas. These are all good resources, and each one has varying views (anterior, posterior, medial, lateral) for depicting a particular organ or region of the body, along with varying rendering styles. I don’t mean that Netter’s illustrations depict the heart as square and Clemente depicts the heart round; rather Netter’s color palette is  more saturated than the illustrations depicted in Clemente’s  atlas.

That being said each person generally has a preference to what resource(s) they like to use. An atlas that I would highly recommend to check out is the Atlas of Anatomy by Gilroy. The illustrations in this book are absolutely beautiful! Voll and Wesker did an amazing job! Beyond the illustrations I love the layout of the atlas; it is more intuitive than other atlases I have perused.

I hope this information is helpful for those seeking to learn a bit more about themselves and their Homo sapien counterpoints!


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