bolt1Now on DVD is a must see computer-generated film by Disney! Bolt is a comedic tale of man’s best friend, the TV star super dog and his co-star owner, young Penny. The escapade begins when Bolt is separated from his owner under false pretenses and finds himself shipped across the country. Obtaining help from two unexpected characters, Mittens the cat and Rhino the hamster, leads Bolt on many misadventures in order to be re-united with his master. Or is it too late…?

I found the film to be laugh-out-loud funny with redonculous situational and slap-stick humor. Along with the comedic moments are a few tender

ones, which could conceivably make one’s eyes water. Looking at the technical side of this picture is its delightful imagery; within the first few minutes you are looking through glass at a young pup playing with a carrot-shaped squeaky toy. There was much consideration taken into each main character not only in its physical form but also in their personal stories.

While watching the film you will recognize two familiar voices – John Travolta as Bolt, and Miley Cyrus as Penny. You will also notice that this seemingly innocent film is rated PG for mild action and peril. So don’t let the young, young ones watch. Most importantly I thought the movie held a great message, of loyalty and perseverance, a message most people can afford to hear. So consider Bolt on a free weekend and enjoy!


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