Leaning tower of Niles

A tribute to a tower in Tuscany

A tribute to a tower in Tuscany

Beware my readers!

Today is the day of fool-making; don’t fall to the deceit of your neighbor. I find today a curious day in its nature. April fools is not really a national holiday that we can get reprieve from work or school instead it’s a day that still exists in practice. So be on your guard today of the toilet seat saran-wrap or any suspicious behavior or requests made to you by your fellow man. I know I might be taking the fun out of it for the few pranksters out there but I’m just trying to protect my fellow gullible persons!

As for the photo above I wanted to share with you an interesting landmark I found on my travels around town. I was contemplating using it as a ploy to see who would think I went to Tuscany but I knew you were all smarter than that. Enjoy the photo and the rest of your Wednesday!

Here is a fun/informative article from Wikipedia on April Fools


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