Bunnies like Horses Eat Hay

Mariel, our bunny eating hay

Mariel, our bunny, eating hay

Horses eating hay

Horses eating hay

I know it is definitely coincidental that my first pet as a married woman would be as velvety as a horse’s nose and would also have hay apart of its diet. However, I think some of my love of the horse transcended to the love of our pet velveteen-lop rabbit.

I never had a bunny growing up, but our family did have quite the menagerie of pets. I grew up around many types of animals ranging from baby chicks to a sugar glider to a blue-fronted Amazon parrot. I have always been an animal lover. I am use to exotics, but seem to always compare their behavior to the more domestic dog or cat. If I would have to categorize our bunny she would be more like a cat. She won’t come when she is called unless you are giving her food. She is more independent and will not approach you unless she wants a nice scratch on her head.  She is littered trained like a cat, and likes to look out and rest in the window like a cat. One of the ways she is not like a cat is her affinity to chew on curtains, molding, and electrical cords which makes me categorize this behavior more dog like. But alas, my furry friend is not a carnivorous beast as Monty Python would have you think, she is more in with the times and loving green like my dear horse.


One thought on “Bunnies like Horses Eat Hay

  1. Wow, I had no idea that bunnies like horses!

    Frankly, I’m shocked that you’ve waited this long to introduce Bunny to the world. As for a bunny resembling a horse, well…

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