From the kitchen of Mrs. H

Chinese cabbage salad

Chinese chicken salad

Spring is in the air! You now have a few extra hours of daylight in the evening, and you’re noticing a few more songbirds serenading you when you crack that front, side, or back door. You know what else? It’s time to trade in your soup bowl for a salad bowl, although there are probably a few more days left of cold weather so don’t throw out that left-over soup quite yet. But, begin to ready your palate for a nice springy

salad instead of a warm steamy cup of soup, and I have just the salad to start your spring out right! It’s a savory salad with a mix of textures and flavors. If you look at the ingredient list you’ll notice a variety of fruit, noodles and, of course, veggies that combine sweet, salty, and even a bit more crunch then you’re use to in your everyday green salad. So try this one out and add it to your recipe box, binder, or file.


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