Adding Some Flare

 peacock pendant necklace

peacock pendant necklace

So perhaps this post is more directed toward the gals out there. I just wanted to make you aware of one of my discoveries (as of this past January). I had been looking for a relatively inexpensive, yet artsy necklace and I happened to stumble upon the materials to make one at a local craft store in my home town.

Jewelry making seems to becoming one of the latest fads of crafters right after scrap-booking and card-making. A new section at Michaels Craft store has emerged that is perfect for taking on such a jewelry making project whether simple (pick out a pendant and chain) or a more elaborate project of beading, and or

metal work. In the case of pendants I found a wide selection; some were merely stones or gems, others were simple designs made in plastic, and some others were more decorative with a single image set into a gold or silver colored backing. They also have a variety of chains in different styles, sizes and materials. In any case, you can find the essentials to make a nice accent piece to jazz up any outfit.


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