The end to the rest of the story…

Most of you have already heard the news from last Saturday or early Sunday morning that legendary AM radio broadcaster Paul Harvey died at the age of 90 in his winter home in Arizona. You may remember him by his grandfatherly voice and his trademark phrases such as, “Stand by for news,” and “And now the rest of the story.”

At an early age I remember my parents listening to Paul Harvey, I remember at times I was impatient to hear him deliver the news with his emphatic pauses, and at that age the news was not all that appealing. Yet, when I grew up and went off to college I sometimes would indulge in my nostalgic tendencies and would tune in at the noon hour just to hear him speak.

He had a warm passion in his voice that no matter how bleak the news was there was always hope left for individuals to make things better. I found his stories oftentimes inspirational and my face wet-cheeked after listening to them. I loved the whistle in his voice and I even enjoyed listening to the commercials he delivered even though they were for products I wouldn’t necessarily buy.

I hope you had an opportunity to listen to at least one of his broadcasts, and hear a great voice of radio. Remembering a great broadcaster – Good day!

Click here for the second part of his last broadcast

Here is a series of his broadcasts that I think gives a vision of hope for our country.

Testing time part 1

Testing time part 2

Testing time part 3


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