Add a Splash of Color

Image from Wikipedia searched "mosaics"

Image from Wikipedia searched "mosaics"

Last weekend I had an opportunity to take a mosaic class. It was refreshing to get a way from my digital art for a while and go back to making something that has dimension rather than pixels. The class was put on by a stained glass store close to where I live. I was definitely amazed at the variety of glass we were able to choose from to make our mosaics; marbled, opaque, translucent. I enjoyed the simplicity of breaking the glass into various shapes (not necessarily square) and gluing them down to our plexi-glass backing.

There are so many surfaces and objects you can mosaic to add a splash of color. For this project we

were designing a 12” circle  that could potentially hang in a window, or use on top of a small, round, side table. While working on the mosaic the time passed quickly; with only a half-hour remaining I didn’t have but a ¼ of my design glued down (which the instructor said was normal). Fortunately I was  sent home with enough glass and grout to finish off my mosaic. In a couple of weeks I hope to share with you my finished work.

See more colorful mosaics at: Inspired Mosaics


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