8 things more unique about you

unique1) You have opposable thumbs. Few creatures in the animal kingdom have them (so treat them well.)

2) You’re endothermic – no sitting on a warm rock for you! You can maintain your own body temperature. (You just maybe have to wear the occasional sweater if you’re not living in a tropical climate or if global warming hasn’t kicked in.)

3) You’re a walking chemistry set. You undergo so many chemical reactions you’re unable to think about all of them.

4) You’re a genetic improbably 1 out 1,000,000 (honestly, this is too small of a number but you get the idea. You won the genetic lottery to have the combination of traits that you do.)

5) You’re on top of the food chain (so eat well and responsibly my friends!)

6) You’re a multi-cellular organism, so you are not as limited to size as the poor amoeba.

7) You have three different types of cones in your eyes! Your cones can detect red wavelengths, green wavelengths and blue wavelengths so you can see multiple hues! This is unlike some animals that may have but 2 different types of cones.

8) You’re adaptable. I’m assuming this because you’re reading this post. If you weren’t adaptable you probably would not find yourself among the living. You’ve made it so far so make sure you’re on top of your evolutionary game plan.

I know this is a very anthropocentric view but, hopefully you enjoyed a good laugh and have realized what’s unique about you and your Homo sapien counterparts.


3 thoughts on “8 things more unique about you

  1. …hold on (as I sit back down at the computer after thinking about this for a few minutes), aren’t we exothermic? When our bodies undergo chemical reactions, we get hot to the touch, so we produce heat, not absorb it, right? Or am I totally off-base here?

    • You’re not totally off-base. I think its a wonderful thought you brought up. Endothermic, in this case, is merely a classification of animals (mammals, birds) based upon having a body temperature that is determined by heat derived from the animal’s own oxidative metabolism; this is in contrast to ectothermic animals (fish, reptiles and amphibians) that have a variable body temperature that is derived from heat acquired from the environment ie. sitting on a warm rock. I believe you are correct in thinking that our body undergoes exothermic reactions, and endothermic is also used to describe a type of chemical reaction. Sadly, or happily science or more broadly the English language has multiple meanings for the same word. So this may perhaps be where your confusion stemmed.

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