The contemporary Rosetta stone


As you may remember from your World Civilizations class back in high school, the Rosetta stone was an ancient Egyptian artifact found in 1799. This stone was used to advance the process of deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Now the title Rosetta stone serves as the brand name of an interactive, language software company. The way I was introduced to this software was through my husband. He started learning Arabic about a month ago and seems to be picking it up quite readily. What’s unique about the software is that it uses images paired with audio pronunciation and text so that you intuitively learn the language like you learned your first language. In each section you are consistently working on reading, writing, and pronunciation so that you are able to pick up on all aspects of the new language, not just reading or writing. One of the nice features of the program is that it keeps track of your progress and accuracy after each section so you are able to evaluate your progress. Voice recognition software helps to insure you are pronouncing the words properly yet, sometimes can be frustrating when you seemingly said the word properly and it just refuses to register. The software is pricy but seems to be worth the cost in the end. It is available on both Mac and PC platforms.

Interesting fact: The British Museum in London holds the actual Rosetta stone in its collection. Check out more information on the real Rosetta stone at the British Museum.


2 thoughts on “The contemporary Rosetta stone

  1. You guys have Rosetta Stone?! I would give my left arm for that software in for French. Right now it’s cost-prohibitive, but perhaps someday. Man, I’m jealous.

    • We probably would not have consider getting it but, the husband is thinking about working for the Feds and knowing a language like Arabic would increase his marketability.
      I know there is an on-line version that is available for 6 months that is not as expensive as the full version.

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