Designing a logo

Over the past couple of weeks I have been designing a logo for my potential design/illustration small business. Of course the business would not start up until after I graduated, if I do start up a business. Either way a logo is a good way for an illustrator or designer to brand his or herself and really figure out how they would like to be represented in the professional world. I’ll be using my logo for my portfolio website and  stationery.

My idea for my business is to design and create illustrations for educational interactives for art/science  museums, hospitals or even a nature center. Being an illustrator, accuracy is one of the most important aspects in any image that is created especially if its intention is to represent or teach something.  So based upon my intentions for my business, I’d love your opinion of the following two designs.

Please take my poll.


(Thanks Ahab – for the idea!)


6 thoughts on “Designing a logo

  1. You’re welcome! I vote #2. I think the upright compass says, “I’m professional.” Are those the only two names you’re considering for the business?

    • I’m still working on the name and size of the text. Those are the two names that I have come up with that I have liked so far. The symbol shape and color are pretty set.

  2. I like the angle of the first one–it’s more dynamic–with the text of the second one. I’m not sure you could combine them, though, ‘cos the text would end up at an almost-unreadable angle.

    I guess my vote for #1 should be counted as more of a #2 vote, actually.

    Why “hepwo” instead of your full last name?

    • I’ve used and liked “Hepwo” before when I make cards as a signature but I normally sign it hepwo ink (if I make the card mostly on computer) or hepwo hand (if I make it primarily by collaging or stamping things together.) But I guess Hepwo Visual is more of a mouthful to say. So I’ll keep thinking. Thanks for your input!

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