Make your own gym!

My home gym

My Midwest Athletic Club

Yes, I am going to mention the dreaded e-word. If thinking “exercise,” you are correct. Exercise was one of those daily things that I know I should do, but never seemed to find time for it in my schedule – until now. I finally boxed up all my excuses about not having time to exercise and that I didn’t want to carry my gym stuff with me on the train to school and decided to make the laundry

room in my apartment complex my own private gym.

It did take some upfront costs for the mat, hand weights, exercise DVD, and a few other pieces of exercise equipment (that I realized later I didn’t necessarily need/use). This was definitely a trial and error process, yet I think I finally found the way I like to work out. 1) I like to work out by myself; 2) in the privacy of my own apartment; 3) for the shortest time possible that will allow me to get results; 4) with a challenging, upbeat (but not awkward) exercise video; 5) and have a routine with variety.

If you have a similar mentality as I, here is the equipment I use on a daily basis:

  • Exercise mat or something to cushion the floor if you’re working out on a hard surface (prices as low as $20 and as high as $150 if you want a special mat)
  • 3lb and/or 5 lb hand weights, good to use less weight for toning but if you’re wanting to build muscle you may want to use heavier weights (price range $15+)
  • 30 day Shred ($15) by Jillian Michaels. It’s a very up beat workout that is only 20 minutes long yet very intense! Prepare for jumping, push-ups, and squats. The DVD has 3 different workouts that are leveled so you can work your way into a more difficult exercise routine as you build endurance.

I have notice that I have been less stressed; have more energy I also tend to eat healthier foods after having started my exercise routine. So refute your excuses, go shred yourself, and enjoy a more healthier you!


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