Tales in the Snow

Rabbit or butterfly? courtesy of Larry

Rabbit or butterfly? courtesy of Larry

I know its February, and if you’re living anywhere in a temperate climate zone you’re probably sick of all this white precipitation that seems to endlessly hang around. However, I challenge you to give snow a chance! I know it is the cause of wet shoes and socks and fish-tailing in your car but snow holds in itself a story. It is the daily story about the travels of critters around you. Yes, those fuzzy, puff-tailed squirrels, and chirping chickadees (if you are so lucky) that greet you on your morning walk to your car or to pick up the morning paper.

I probably would not have had such a fondness for snow if it wasn’t for my winter ecology class I took through the Audubon center about 3 years ago. There I learned about how to differentiate between the tracks of furry ground-dwellers from rabbits and martens to deer and wolves. I also learned about the different gaits of animals so not only could I tell what the animal was but also how fast  it was traveling. I could also tell if they were traveling with a companion or on its way to safety of a nearby tree.

So enjoy the last remaining month(s) of winter and see if you have any tales in your snow!

If you have further interest in tracking check out the following title:

Tracking & the Art of Seeing: How to Read Animal Tracks and Sign by Paul Rezendes

Otter tracks courtesy of Larry

Otter tracks courtesy of Larry


2 thoughts on “Tales in the Snow

    • So you won’t find otters, and probably not chickadees in the med. district (I’m thinking more of my eastern Iowa fowl) but we do have lovely pigeons!

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