Classroom pics!

School starts in six days! My classroom is nearly complete, now to finish up on my lessons. Here are a few pictures of my room enjoy!





Final Days of Summer

Glue, scissors, folders, pencils and college-ruled paper are now available at your local superstore…This means school begins in just a couple of weeks. Where has the time gone? A question I consistently ask in the remaining days of summer break.

This week I have been feverishly working on getting my classroom in shape for the new year. A part of this process involves organizing materials, designing new bulletin boards, and planning/revising curriculum. My end goal is to create instructional materials, along with a comfortable/conducive space where students are motivated & excited to learn.

(Hopefully,) Soon I will share with you my new improved classroom. Now I am off to shelf building, desk arranging and syllabus writing.

Into the Cave

As an early birthday & anniversary gift my husband and I took a mini vacation to Mammoth Cave. Only a couple of hours from home it was a nice get away. A beautiful park of deciduous trees, wildlife and hidden limestone passage ways.

Once, you reach the main information center there is an assortment of cave tours you may choose from depending how adventurous you may feel. We decided to opt for Domes & Dripstones tour lasting around 2 hours, we saw many breath-taking sights within the cave including more than a few stalagmites and stalactites. Above are a few images representing our journey into the cave. Enjoy!

New fishes!

This week was a hard one for the fish tank… After switching out the gravel my large 8″ Plecostomus named “Hal” died; after laying a large cluster of yellow eggs. I have had several fish die since I began my tank in July 2013 and I had been waiting on replacing some of them. This Friday I decided to pick up a few more fish including a new “cleaner” fish. I ended up bringing home 3 Gouramis and a Rubber Lip Plecostomus. I was able to get a few picture of everyone but the Rubber Lip Plecostomus, so I found a look alike. Enjoy photos of my new tank friends!







Gerty - look alike

Gerty – look alike

Just Need Some Dirt

At last Spring is here! I caught the flower bug so I ended up picking up a few flowers at our local nursery. There are always so many flowers to choose from, it is so hard to decide which ones to take home. My trick for choosing annuals (that will go in a pot) is: 1) limit selection to where I will place the flowers (sun or shade) 2) find the most beautiful or unique plant (the one that has to come home) 3) then I find other plants/flowers whose colors and foliage will complement the “unique flower.” My great flower find for this trip was the heliotrope, I love its small purple flowers and its accompanying fragrance. Hope you enjoy this time of planting!

Spring annuals